As a web agency or free-lance web designer, you have keep track of dozens of domains, hostings, designs, URLs for your clients.

We are working on a kick-ass SaaS product, with a dashboard that shows you the status of all of your web properties, with the intelligence to understand what is normal and what not, with sophisticated alerts when something is wrong, and lots of features that make your life easier and your customers happier.

This website is just a side-project, where we publish work in progress and some free versions of tools we are developing.

Privacy and security

GDPR Check-up

  • Is my website GDPR-ready?
  • Data and web security
  • Email security
  • Privacy policy
Check your site now!

Recurring Payments

AP Manager

  • Analyze bank activity
  • Detect payment recipients
  • Overview of recurring payments
  • predict future expenses

Web photography

  • Manage model release signatures
  • Archive of signed documents
  • Manage shoot participants
  • Manage photos and meta data

Website checkup

  • CMS Settings
  • SEO Settings
  • Speed & experience

RSS rank score

  • Post frequency
  • Reader activity
  • Domain backlinks


  • What exactly are we working on?
  • When will it be ready (in beta)?
  • Why should you care?
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